Friday, 31 August 2012

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6 prominent Aussies
6 very different opinions
6 doses of passion and verbosity
Multiple dangerous situations & tension
Various flavours of immigrants at differing stages

1. Add all ingredients and stir

My 2 Cents
The complexities of the immigrant situation in Australia have been illustrated vividly in SBS’s documentary, Go Back To Where You Came From.  
I admire Imogen, who has a learning attitude, asks questions and wants to be part of the solution.  She is considered and thoughtful.
The square-beard man made a great statement about the value of having a civil conversation without people interrupting or aggressively blaming. 
I feel a bit sorry for the Reith who is under constant verbal attack for past stuff-ups, but he dropped the ball when asked the question by Imogen about how he felt about the children overboard thing.
The dark haired girl is very warm to immigrants and constantly vicious with Reith. Not someone I’d want to sit next to on a long flight anywhere.
Angry is moved by the human stories, and has a desire to protect both people and Aussie borders.

Shock Jock is not somebody I have warmed to except for the scene when he tearfully took the hand of the immigrant he had earlier insulted. I’m glad he has developed an ounce of respect for someone at least.
I am also beginning to see why Aussies can be branded with the ‘racist’ label.

There is no easy answer to this complex issue. But I would definitely like to see processing sped up somehow, to help decrease the number of desperate people who are willing to risk their lives by taking the boat trip to hell.


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