Friday, 7 September 2012

this week in my history

This week I have –

<< Painted this. I did it for my dear old dad who turns 81 this week and is currently full-throttle on backyard chooks and gets a couple of dozen eggs a week from his chooks.  I pinched the idea from a picture I saw on Facebook.  I can’t wait to give it to him next weekend.

>>Saw my first wild dingo.  Walking at lunchtime on the bushwalking track at work.  It was a surprise.  It was a sandy colour with a bit of a bushy tail.  White tip on the end of the tail.  Pointed features, including pointy ears sticking up on top of its head. It was about the size of a… um… a dingo, I suppose!  He came out of the bush and ran across the road a few feet in front of us – maybe 20 feet – and disappeared into the bush on the other side. Very exciting.

>> Went to my usual Tuesday night uke group.  There were almost 50 other ukes in the room playing along to the uke tunes. We strummed along together to ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘I can hear music’ amongst others.  It’s a feel-good time where everyone can sing along and play. I also found the uke chords from Mr Google for Queen’s beautiful song “Love of my Life” which I have been enjoying by myself at home.

Passed my 2nd yearly breast exam since surgery!  Yayyy!  I have healthy tits!  Yes I do!  We bought a mirror to celebrate. It’s freaking huge. Weighs a tonne (well, 35 kilos actually) and fell off the wall about 2 seconds after we hung it up.  It’s OK and the marks on the wall can be fixed. But we will need a chain the size of a ship’s-anchor-chain to hang the thing on the wall.

How decadent. But a celebratory gift to myself for having healthy tits.

Note to women:  look after your tits.
Note to men:  Look after yours too. Breast cancer is not only a women’s disease.

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