Saturday, 11 February 2012

book review: the lollipop shoes

This great piece of chicklit, The Lollipop Shoes (Joanne Harris), is a fairytale for grown-ups and sequel to Chocolat.  The scene is a chocolaterie in Paris, with Yanne and her two daughters struggling both financially and to live anonymously without any history to attract any undue attention.

The story
At first the appearance of the gregarious but ruthless Zozie, is welcomed into the family as she breathes new life into the struggling business.  She builds unusual but secretive friendships with Yanne’s oldest daughter, Annouk, who is grappling with school yard behaviours. Zozie, however, has her own dark secrets and reasons for her devious manoeuvres. A male suitor offers financial security to Yanne, but will he love Yanne the way the ‘river-rat’ Roux once did?

As the threads of this story intertwine and build to a climax, Yanne must decide to either pack up and move on, obeying the call of the wind, or to unveil her anonymity and fight to save her family, business and self-respect.

food porn
Many mouth watering descriptions of rich chocolate blended with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and bitter orange are provided to bring alive the simmering flavours which insistently but silently lure. If you enjoy food porn, you will enjoy reading the descriptions of scented, spiced and beautifully crafted handmade chocolates.

what i thought
I enjoyed this book a lot. Being a fairytale (having a touch of the woo hoo) I found the story intriguing and enjoyable. This is a great story to get into which doesn’t take a lot of effort. Light entertainment with all the elements which make chick-lit so enjoyable.


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