Wednesday, 8 February 2012

one week later, fitness test from hell

It's one week later and I did exactly the same fitness test from hell that I did a week ago.

Except it wasn't the same.

I have better stats!  Yes I do!

See how knackered I am in this photo, but with the sly look of self-satisfaction on my face!  Yes!

Stats since last week:

Pushups:  3 more than last week (still girly ones, e.g. from the knees)
Squats:  1 more than last week
Killer Pull-ups:  4 more!  (that hellish iron bar across my walker thing)
Situps -
  • (normal):  3 more
  • (weight):  8 more! (I didn't do them properly last time I think)
  • (straight arms with weight):  5 more
Boxing sort of thing:  2 more
40 m sprint I still did this, but can't find my stopwatch to time it

And then there's the run.  For 1.6ks. Last week I did this in 15:21. Today? See for yourself! (below)

No wonder I look so knackered.
And so damned pleased with myself!

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