Wednesday, 1 February 2012

the fitness test from hell

I did my own fitness test today - sort of copied from what I could remember from watching Excess Baggage.  I like the philosophy of this show because they have an overall wellbeing approach to health. And I do think that guy with the pink mohawk needs a jolly good punch in the throat. Yes I do.
However I didn't have much of that 'overall wellbeing feeling' at the end, I can tell you! See this pic for evidence of that!
This is the basic equipment I used to emulate all the tests. I did a series of how-many-of-these-can-you-do-in-one-minute and timed myself, noting down my results.

I did pushups (girl-ones, i.e. from the knees), squats, pull-ups (killers), situps (3 different kinds), a sort of boxing thing (without boxing gloves or anything to box!), a 40m sprint and 1.6km run.

Left: See this monster? I didn't use it today, except I unhooked that horizontal bar and used it for the killer pull-ups. 

See below for my resourceful use of equipment...

I laid an exercise mat over the base here, and slid the horizontal bar from the 'monster' through the supports. I linked my watch so I could watch the second-hand (don't want to do a second more than I have to!). So my pull-up consisted of me laying down with my head up this end, grabbing that horizontal bar and lifting myself up to the bar. I don't think my form was terribly good, mind you. But what a killer!

After these do-many-as-you-can-in-one-minute exercises, I finished off with a 40m sprint - which I couldn't work out how to time on my own using the walking machine. But I did it anyway. And then I had a go at a nice, light 1.6km run! I did the run/walk in 15:21. I was hoping to do it in under 15 minutes, but there's a goal right there! I'll aim for that next time. 

I was knackered at the end, sweating buckets, I was. See the top pic for how freaking scary I looked. (You should've felt it from my side!)

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