Sunday, 12 February 2012

i dug a hole

I often winge that Meyles can spend all weekend messing around in the garden, and by the time the weekend is over, nothing looks any different!  I tease him that all he does is 'dig a hole and then fill it in again'. 

See that garden bed here? That needs a root-barrier dug in around it so the roots of the fig tree (to the right of the pic) don't suck all the nutrients out of the vegie bed Meyles is building.

So I dug a hole.

I used a special trenching shovel - it's narrow so you don't have to dig up so much dirt. 

The trench had to be 20cm deep so the root-barrier material would fit.

Meyles fitted the root-barrier into place with the cordless drill thingy.
Then I filled in the hole again and you'd never know anything was under the surface.

Meyles was so impressed at my neat shovelling work he is now talking about trusting me to mow his precious lawn! Do you know what an an honour and a privilege that would be?! 


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