Thursday, 23 February 2012

retail therapy

Just as I am settling into the slow rhythm of a leisurely lifestyle, along comes a job to lever me out of bed in the mornings. Sigh. How on earth will I cope? 

So I have been organising stuff such as:

Getting the car cleaned and polished. (Not by me, we paid someone to do it. You think I’d do that? No freakin way!) 

Visiting the RTA (Government shop where you do all things road – rego, licence renewals, driver testing, etc).

You arrive at the shop to find a notice on the door telling you they’ve moved location. So you track them down like a bloodhound, and take a ticket as you walk in and sit and wait your turn. And wait. You notice there are about 40 unfortunate people already waiting and 2 people serving at the counter. You check your watch and wonder how much time you should spend waiting. Then you remind yourself that it’s now or never. So you wait some more. You hear the guy next to you swearing to no-one in particular about the lack of service. You breathe while you wait.

When my number was finally called, my transaction (to collect registration plates for a bike rack) took less than one minute. So I lost an hour of my life which I will never see again.

and three!
Now as I will have an income shortly I’ve been shopping for some new work clothes. As you do. [insert simultaneous excited smile and shrug] I spent a shedload of cash yesterday in a very short space of time. 

But guess what I found? Something I haven’t been able to find for years and years because my legs are too fat. And It’s not that my legs have gotten smaller, it’s just that now they make these to fit ladies with tree-trunk legs. Yes. Boots! Would you believe! I am so excited and delighted. Yes I am. Boots ffs!!! They are black and low-heeled and half-boots, velvety ones with leather upper. I am soooo pleased and excited about them. Now all I need is some cold weather to wear them.

So enough about me. 
Let’s talk about you. 
What do you think about me? 
Do you like my boots?

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  1. Oh yes,retail therapy! Congratulations on the job front and also in finding the boots. Both are wonderful.