Friday, 28 September 2012

50 Shades of Green

Ok, Cynthia said that I should do another blog about the vegies I am growing.  She said to call it 50 shades of green for some reason.  Apparently it is guaranteed to arouse interest.  So here goes.

First cab off the rank is Broccoli.  We harvested 8 heads like this one 3 weeks ago.  Because it was so fresh, it lasted in the fridge for over 2 weeks.  As a bonus, it was bug free!  The next batch will be harvested this week and it looks even better.
These are crunchy green Sugar Snap Peas.  Today we picked a couple of kg.  These are great cooked or raw in a salad.  I am picking Snow Peas as well.  I will sow about 6-7 times in a season and eat them for almost 6 months in a year.
These green plants are Rocket.  They have a peppery taste and are easy to grow.  You can also eat the flowers.  They taste peppery as you would expect but give you a burst of honey on the tongue.
English Spinach is a winter favourite.  I harvest this for 6 months from about 4 sowings.  Great in omelettes, salads, pies, or whatever takes your fancy.   It's the same stuff as you get in the bags in the supermarket called 'baby spinach'.  This is what it looks like if it matures. 

This is Silverbeet.  Some people call it spinach but it's not.  This stuff is best cooked.  Just boil it, add butter salt and a bit of lemon juice.  The flavour can get a bit strong over the hotter months so eat the leaves young and plant more often. 

A favourite in our house is Coriander.  The trick with this little baby is to sow it every couple of weeks and pick it young.  If you get a hot day or 2 or let it dry out it will start to flower and it will not be as good.

Basil.  Make a pesto for goodness sake!  We also make a mean basil salad of fresh leaves, spring onions, tomatoes, avocado, olives, feta and toasted walnuts.  Use a oil and balsamic dressing.  Oh yes!  I planted seedlings last weekend.
Lebanese Cucumbers have been sown and will be ready in about 6-8 weeks just in time for the warmer weather.  

I also have Lettuce growing in the Hydroponics.  I have an endless supply of salad greens all year round.  

Parsley is a herb that we cook with all the time.  Chop it and chuck it into your scrambled eggs.  There is also Dill,  Asparagus, Chives, Oregano, and Spring Onions.  All shades of green that will tittilate the taste-buds and give you energy.


  1. with envy.

  2. your basil salad idea inspired me to create my own green salad of cos lettuce, beens, green apple, basil, fetta, pecan nuts and asparagus with balsamic dressing, delicious!