Sunday, 23 September 2012

Unbelievable spuds made in heaven

Guest blogger, Meyles, speaks about spuds:

Tonight we ate these spuds.  Mouth-watering Desiree spuds that were growing in our garden just hours before.

1.6 kg of fresh spuds from 2 plants that I dug this morning.

In June I planted 6 certified seed potatoes and it did not take too long for them to come up.
 I planted them into a well composted soil using plenty of manure, blood and bone and made sure that they were watered well.  They grew like stink and after much resistance, I finally succumbed to curiosity and dug a couple of plants.
I only dug 2 plants.  They are still 2 weeks away from reaching the maximum size, but I did not want to harvest them all at once.
 You can't get much fresher than these.

Here is the next batch I am growing.  I am growing them in a planter box so that I use much less space.  As they grow I add more soil on top until the box is full.  I then put another box to add height and fill it with more soil. I have raised the height to 60cm and filled it with soil.  The spuds are looking good and in 6 weeks I will be eating fresh Pinkeye potatoes.  

To most people they will not appreciate the significance of Pinkeye potatoes, but being raised in Tassie, it is a well known fact that there is nothing better than boiled Pinkeye potatoes lathered in butter and sprinkled with salt.

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