Saturday, 22 September 2012

serenity shattering sickos

Some sods are superb at shattering serenity. Sure as Sunday follows Saturday, someone small-minded will be satisfied to stuff up the status quo for everybody else.

See this beauty? There were 2 of them.

So there I was, soaking up the sun and serenity, when the simpletons start seriously setting a new sub-standard.  Smoking, screeching and definitely not being sensitive to the serenity. 

This guy walked right under my feet as I sat still as a stone, giving me a close-up look at the seriously long fingernails on these babies! He was looking for food. I gave him some chicken which he gulped down after flicking his long tongue around to find it on the ground.

A cheeky currawong stole some chicken too. Bold as brass, he was!

This guy quickly climbed up this tree when Meyles walked nearby to go to the loo. The moment the door of the loo closed, the goanna peered curiously around the left side of the tree, then the right - to see if Meyles had disappeared. Then immediately he slid down the tree (backwards) and swaggered over to some trees, demonstrating a real attitude as he went. I stood very still watching this, feeling very privileged.

It's so beautiful to sit in the bush and tune into the birds and wildlife and just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. I find it therapeutic and good for the soul. That is, of course, until the serenity is shattered by several sickos. But still.

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