Sunday, 16 September 2012

a little taste of hell

The 'Before' shot. That smile will soon disappear. Because I am about to step into that hot-as-hell sauna behind me. You have to wet your hair before you get in. You must also have water on hand to drink, and don't wear contact lenses unless you want them to melt into your eyeballs.

Me and bro Steve. Gorillas in the mist. 80 degrees Celsius. 

I'm still smiling at this point.

A bath of cold water is just outside the sauna which you can plunge yourself into just for the hell of it.

Incidentally my dear old dad here turned 81 years old last week. How's that?

I never would have believed how good it could feel to tip a bucket of cold water over my own head

Back in for more punishment. The temperature gauge hits 88 degrees when we tip water on the rocks to create steam. Breathe slowly through your mouth and keep your eyes closed....

It's very hot in here!

The heat source. Volcanic rocks are heated and a pot of water keeps moisture in the air. The scooper thing hanging there is to tip water on those there rocks to create steam which hits you like a brick when activated.

The heat source is a fire built into an old LPG gas cylinder. The cylinder is positioned inside, but the opening for the fire is accessible from outside the sauna. It's a very clever and effective design.  The walls of the sauna are insulated. Wooden benches are inside and a couple of small windows allow you to look outside while you're inside.

It takes 20 minutes to light the fire and get the sauna ready for use. 

But afterwards.... it feels fantastic. Relaxed. Clean. Like all the sin has been burnt out of you!

Here's a couple of my damn fine nephews with Meyles. Sexy aren't they? Runs in the family....

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